Crewed Yacht Charter

When we look at the crewed yacht charter concept, there are a lot of popular destinations in the world. Especially in Europe, Croatia, Turkey, Greece and Montenegro are so popular in the field of blue cruise. If you want to have an amazing experience with the special blue cruise destinations with your relatives and family, we offer you the best crewed yacht charter services in these four countries.


Croatia is a fantasic option for private gulet charter. The Adriatic Sea, the Dalmatian coastline and its many islands, interesting history, culture and cuisine. Plus, international airports close to the charter bases, good internal transport links and a favourable sunny climate are all major advantages for the region, resulting in Croatia becoming an ideal destination for yacht cruising.

In recent years Croatia has developed into a very popular yacht charter destination, but in the earlier years yacht choices were somewhat limited. More recently these options have increased, with many quality yachts now based along the coastlinefor hire. The Turkish Blue Cruise type tours have also become increasingly popular, with many gulets being imported from Turkey to meet this growing demand.

The advantages of crewed yacht charter

The Blue Cruise is a great experience for all, with gulets have a professional crew and the yachts themselves being very large and comfortable, they provide the ideal yacht charter option. Gulets come in different categories, from standard to VIP class and the minimum you can expect these days is to have air¬conditioned comfortable guest cabins, that have well equipped modern en-suite bathrooms. Lots of deck space for dining, sunbathing and relaxing. These yachts virtually provide a high quality floating hotel, with a constantly changing view.

With our professional and experienced crew, we provide all luxury services for you during your blue cruise in our special yachts. Like meals, guidance and other professional services for your relax and enjoy, you will discover the amazing natural and historical places of many different regions of Europe. In four countries, we offer the best crewed yacht charter services for you. You will find all the details about the yacht rental process below.

How is the process of yacht rental ?

There are 2 main alternatives about getting an offer from our customer representatives. BEST OFFER is the first option, you can get the cheapest alternative for the date and location you prefer. You can find the BEST OFFER form below the page. On the other hand, you can follow the 4-step reservation process to choose a yacht and get an offer.

The process of yacht rental is so easy with us, so you can make your reservation in four steps. If you want to discover the amazing nature of European coasts, you can start with choosing your yacht in the gallery below.

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