Dalmatian Yacht Rental

Dalmatia is one of the 4 major regions that make up Croatia. Dalmatia covers a large majority of the coastline that meets the Adriatic Sea. The region stretches from the island of Rab in the north to the Bay of Kotor in the south. This includes many yacht rental base ports for embarkation. They are also serviced with good travel links and international airports. This beautiful coastline with its many small islands, heritage sites, national parks, and great local cuisine, is a popular and interesting destination to visit. The ideal way to get the very most out of a visit to the Dalmatian coastline, is by sea, that way you get to view all of the interesting islands and coastline. You can check our Dalmatian yacht rental options to have a perfect summer vacation.

On a weekly yacht charter, you can get to see so much, also experiencing anchoring in the beautiful bays and coves. If you opt for yacht rental, you have the yacht as your floating hotel, bringing with it all the comforts you need.Plus, great food is prepared and served, if you choose a crewed yacht rental option. Once anchored you can relax, swim, enjoy water sports, or take a land excursion and explore further inland and discover all that this beautiful and scenic region has to offer.

There are many yacht rental options in the Dalmatian region. Whether you prefer bareboat sailing charter or crewed yacht charter. Crewed yacht rental options are also plentiful and varied. They include high-end motor yachts and motor sailers. However, some of the most popular crewed yacht rental options in Croatia, are the mini cruiser yachts some of which also have sails. These types of vessels cater very well for larger groups, very comfortably, also corporate events. Probably the most popular and versatile crewed yacht rental option is the Turkish style wooden motor sailer gulet. There are now many readily available, in different base ports along the Dalmatian coastline. They cater to all sizes of groups and budgets and offer the perfect floating hotel base, with their spacious well-equipped cabins, other facilities, and levels of crew service. It is also possible for individuals, or small groups, to rent a cabin on a shared yacht, known as cabin charter. So many great options for yacht rental, in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. A perfect and memorable experience is assured.

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