Gulet Rental in Greek Islands

With more than 6000 islands scattered throughout the Aegean Sea, Gulet Rental in the Greek Islands consistently proves a popular choice for sea vacations. For centuries, Greece has been at the forefront of civilization, philosophy and democracy and boasts plenty to see and do for the historians amongst you. If you are more into mythology however, your Gulet Rental in the Greek Islands is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonder of the Greek Gods.

Of course, the Greek Islands have a lot more to offer than mythical waters and historical coastlines, no two of which are the same. Greek hospitality is some of the finest in the world, and during your time aboard your gulet rental in the Islands, you will be able to hop ashore and indulge yourself in the world-famous fine cuisine on offer. The food you will sample here will leave your taste buds in awe. So much better than the


Explore Greek Islands & Aegean Bays

The most visited and famous places to enjoy along the way are Tivat,Kotor,Budva and Herceg Novi.We have many yacht options available to choose from in this great location, which boasts several new and well-equipped marinas. Porto Greek Islands in Tivat is amongst the most eclectic and up and coming destinations in Europe. In fact, The Times have dubbed it the ‘Monaco of the Balkans’.

Here you will find a fantastic mix of bars and restaurants with a great vibe, yet still have the old city to explore should the mood take you. Set in a very large secluded and picturesque natural harbour, with many historic and pretty bays and towns to visit on your yacht cruise vacation, a Gulet rental in Greek Islands is the perfect way to appreciate such an enchanting place.


Greek food you will have sampled in your local locanta. You will also be able to delight in the crystal-clear blue waters, whether having a morning swim pre breakfast, a nice relaxing dip to cool off throughout the day, or simply listening to the water lapping against the yacht while you indulge in that sunset aperitif.

Several of the Greek Isles are very close to the Turkish coastline too, and so we can offer a perfect gulet charter combining these two historic and wonderful culturally rich countries.

Gulet Rental in the Greek Islands can encompass a large area, with two of our most popular routes being the South Dodecanese Islands, visiting Rhodes,Tilos, Halki and Symi or the North Dodecanese Islands visiting Nisiros,Kos,Lipsi and Patmos.

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