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Athens, the Greek national capital must simply be one of the most famous cities in the world for the absolute abundance of historical value and vibrant cultural aspects, there are so many famous historical landmarks to visit you will surely need a few days to explore all of Athens wonders. Athens has for many years been referred to as the as the cradle of the modern western civilization, so let’s explore the ancient sites, vibrant culture and Greek hospitality.

So let us walk in the footsteps of many before us and highlight a few of Athens wonderful sites, firstly the Acropolis which must be one of Athens most iconic sights, the temple which is in honour of the Greek goddess Athena the Parthenon a visit to the Acropolis will transport you back in time as you relive history, as we descend from the Acropolis we discover Agora here you will find the temple of Hephaestus. For those of you who love to be immersed in history we also recommend you visit the National Archaeological Museum where you can discover a huge collection of artefacts which will transport you back to ancient Greece.

Plaka is the most delightful of neighbourhoods and is our next stop as we descend from the Acropolis, here you will find white washed houses, neo classical architecture, the most wonderful Greek tavernas serving tasty traditional Greek food such as moussaka and stifado perfect with a glass of ouzo, although located literally in the heart of the city Plaka is a little tranquil haven to escape to and enjoy.

There are also sights to be seen in the modern centre of Athens Syntagma Square, such as the Hellenic Parliament buildings, the Old Royal Palace where you can watch the years old tradition of the changing of the guard. Visit t museum of Cycladic art and the famous Benaki Museum, and for those of us who love to shop don’t miss out on the vibrant Ermou Street.

Athens is certainly a city to be visited where the present and the past are highlighted in equal measures, these are some of the many reasons why Athens has thousands of visitors from all around the globe each day.

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