Gulet Yacht Charter in Fethiye

Why go for a Gulet Charter in Fethiye? The question should be why not go for a Gulet Charter in Fethiye? And there is no reason not to!

If you like adventure, taking in beautiful views or relaxing on the beach, Fethiye is for you.

Firstly, the activities. If your idea of a dream holiday is to swim ashore and laze on the sands of one of the most photographed beaches in the world, then Fethiye offers you Oludeniz. Sail the stunning bays and turquoise waters around the coast, and then enjoy the golden shores of what is referred to as the Blue Lagoon.

On the other hand, for the more adventurous amongst you, take a jeep safari and explore a number of historical ruins, or paraglide from Babadag Mountain, 6800ft above sea level. There is much to do so you will never be bored in Fethiye.

Secondly, there’s the history. Fethiye has a rich and diverse past spanning many centuries and this is evident throughout the town centre and surrounding villages.

During the Hellenistic and Roman years, it was a thriving city and today monuments and ruins can still be seen throughout the area, including a roman theatre, a fortress sat on the hillside above the bay, Lycian rock tombs dating back to 3rd Century BC and sarcophagi simply wandered past outside the central government building.

Fethiye has had a facelift over recent years and much of the centre is almost unrecognisable from its former self.  No matter when you visit Fethiye the centre is always bustling with lots to see and do.

Many of the popular and traditional eateries are found towards the rear of the main harbour. Here you find a combination of the freshest mezze and seafood, as well as steaks galore, all of which are complimented by traditional Turkish cuisine. A tasty mix of traditional and Mediterranean restaurants and bars can be found to suit every taste.

The Fish Market in the centre of town is a sight to behold and a foodie’s paradise. Here you can buy your fish from the bustling stalls and take it to one of the many restaurants surrounding the courtyard to have it cooked to perfection. This will truly have you dining like the locals.

And Fethiye is easy to get to. Dalaman airport is only a mere 45mins away by car and is serviced by many routes throughout Europe. You can also connect via Istanbul if you are travelling from further afield. And it’s really worth it, a Gulet Charter in Fethiye will always leave you thirsty for more.

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