Mini Gulet Cruises

  Mini gulet cruises ( for 3 or 4 days ) are a fantastic introduction if you have never done this type of sea holiday before. It could be perfect for party groups, friends, and families. Sample wonderful mini gulet cruises experience, you will surely be wanting to repeat the holiday for a longer period!

  Although during the high season most of the popular gulets work to weekly schedules (normally Saturday to Saturday) in order to maximize their limited working period. However, some yacht owners do rent their gulets on a daily basis. Also, due to empty slots in individual yacht schedules, or indeed cancellations, other gulets may have availability.

Mini Gulet Cruises

  Here at Gulet Broker, we will have all this up-to-date information.

  A short 3 or 4-day mini-cruise will allow an interesting possibility for an enjoyable holiday. It can be a unique get-together for your group. It is sometimes difficult to get large groups of people together. Because of, today’s a busy world, due to business commitments, flights, etc. Therefore, a shorter cruise option fits the bill perfectly. 

  A gulet offers not only great accommodation and crew service. It also allows for intimate perfect shared moments of quality time together, for your group. Whilst also experiencing a great sea adventure together. Mini gulet cruises can be organized in many locations including Turkey, Croatia, and Greece.

Mini Gulet Cruises

  We are happy to help all the organizations to make this possible. Offering you a great choice of yachts, of all sizes and categories. Early and late season reservations will normally have the added bonus of offering great rates and deals. So, this can really be a perfect time to take advantage of a Mini Gulet Cruise experience.

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