Gulet Yacht Charter in Rhodes

Rhodes is located in the south eastern Aegean Sea; Rhodes is the most enchanting island with much to discover from the natural beauty of the Mediterranean to the charm of the old town. Rhodes is famously known for its blend of history and wonderful beaches, for these reasons and more Rhodes has become a popular holiday destination for people from all over the globe who are looking for the combination of total relaxation and a slice of history. Let us highlight some of the factors that makes the most perfect of destinations to embark on a gulet charter.

Discover the site of the Colossus of Rhodes one of the Ancient seven wonders of the world, the palace of the grand master, the acropolis of Rhodes and the street of knights are just a small slice of the history and culture you will discover in Rhodes. Rhodes is also steeped with the legacy of the Knights of St John you will uncover many traces of the medieval fortress that the Island of Rhodes once was.

Rhodes old town is a wonder in itself a myriad of narrow cobbled stone streets, tavernas enchanting squares and shops where history blends perfectly with modern day life. The famous deer at the entrance to Mandraki harbour are a wonderful sight to behold. Rhodes town which is the capital of the island itself has a wonderful array of shops, restaurants and is very cosmopolitan so there is certainly something for everyone of all ages here in Rhodes.

Rhodes with its unique charm, rich tapestry of history and culture, beautiful beaches and stunning coastal resorts has so very much to give to explorers and adventurers from all around the world which is why Rhodes is such a very popular destination that appeals to travellers of all ages looking to discover all that Rhodes has to offer as a perfect starting point for a gulet charter.

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