Yacht Charter in Fethiye


Fethiye is a popular resort and interesting place to visit, with its large harbor accommodating many yachts and gulet options. Fethiye is perfectly situated near nearby Gocek Gulf and its many fantastic islands. It can be a starting point for sailing routes heading further east in the Med. A short transfer from Dalaman International airport. Yacht charter in Fethiye is a great opportunity to experience the beautiful coasts of Turkey.

 Fethiye is one of the most famous gulets in Turkey. Laden with history and ancient ruins that tell their own stories, this city is a perfect vacation destination for those who love history and nature. It lies in the Mediterranean region and is also a popular international tourist destination. In ancient times, it was named Telmessos.

This city was also part of the great Persian Empire and the Ottoman Empire at different times. It even has connections with Alexander the Great. Later, it was named Fethiye after Fethi Bey. He was a pilot in the Ottoman Air Force who was killed during a mission. So, are you excited to visit such a historically rich city? 

If you consider renting a yacht, you will be able to fully explore the entire Fethiye region.

Places to Visit

Sailing from Fethiye with your hired gulet or private gulet can be the best choice to see various natural beauties and watch sunbathing from different destinations. On the way from Fethiye, you should swim in Ölüdeniz, which is a famous place. You have a chance to see secluded beaches, bays where you find peace. Also, you can visit local markets and buy gifts for your friends or family. And you can visit 2 or 3 different destinations in a day and end of the day you may eat out of the gulet if you want. So, it’s possible to taste different meals (traditional or global cuisine, it’s all up to your choice) every day in different places.

With the protected nature, the bays of Fethiye charm you every single day. From April to October, the weather conditions in Fethiye are appropriate for sailing. Each month has its benefit to sailing thanks to the weather and seawater temperatures. Fethiye is one of the most important embarkation places for Blue Cruise in Turkey, so you won’t feel disappointed at the end. Besides, from the beginning till the end we will communicate whenever you want. As Gulet Broker Yachting, we give our best, for sure.

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