Exploring the Turkish Riviera With a Luxury Yacht Charter

The Turkish Riviera is one of Turkey’s most picturesque destinations. It boasts stunning historical sites, beaches and charming beach towns alike.

Luxury yacht charters are an ideal way to explore the Turquoise Coast. Choose from either bareboat or crewed options and customize your itinerary according to your preferences.


Luxury yacht charter in Turkey is an unforgettable way to discover this stunning coastline. From Bodrum’s cobbled streets and ancient historical sites, a holiday aboard a Turkish yacht will give you unparalleled access to this captivating part of the world.

Bodrum yacht charters are ideal for a romantic getaway or an exciting vacation. Families looking to have some fun and spend quality time together will also find this option appealing.

Yacht charter guests in Turkey can take advantage of the warm, sunny climate and clear waters that make this region of the Mediterranean so popular. There are numerous secluded coves and bays to discover, providing guests with plenty of private spots to swim or relax.

Explore the region’s history by visiting historic sites like Cleopatra Cave or Poyraz Bay. Additionally, you can explore the Mausoleum of Mausolus – considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Another must-see destination in Bodrum is Zeki Muren Museum of Art, named after a renowned Turkish singer. For even more history lessons, visit Bodrum Amphitheatre to uncover its past.

Spend the day relaxing on the stunning Yahsi Beach in Bodrum. Here, the waters are crystal clear and the sand is truly pristine.

Bodrum offers many incredible attractions, such as St Peter’s Castle. This majestic structure provides stunning views of the city from above.

Spend a day exploring Halicarnassus’ ancient theater ruins. Though these small remnants are relatively insignificant, they are encircled by a moat and garden that make for interesting exploration.

Bodrum yacht charters offer the ideal experience during autumn, when temperatures are pleasant and hotel prices are competitive. Unfortunately, this period can still be busy so booking in advance is recommended.


If you’re seeking a tranquil holiday in Turkey, luxury yacht charter is the ideal solution. It offers an exclusive way to escape the crowds and truly experience the Turkish Riviera like never before.

Experience awe-inspiring natural splendor, unwind on the beach and take in breathtaking scenery. Swim in crystal-clear waters, snorkel and discover local marine life – it’s here where you’ll create lasting memories with family and friends.

Experience the splendour of Kemer on board a luxury yacht for an unforgetable trip with your loved ones. The sea, shimmering with all shades of turquoise, high mountains covered with pine forests, scenic coves and long beaches are just some of the things that make Kemer such an idyllic destination.

Kemer, located just 40km from Antalya, is one of the world’s most beloved resorts and surrounded by breathtaking nature. Its 46km coastline features hidden coves and beaches for you to discover. Kemer also serves as an exploration hub for nearby antiquity with plenty of activities like horse riding, mountain biking and trekking – not forgetting horse riding!

There’s also the captivating Yoruk Museum to discover, which chronicles the life of ancient Yoruk nomads. This must-visit destination for anyone interested in Turkey’s history.

For an adventurous day, daily boat tours from Kemer and Adrasan offer the perfect way to see the region from a different perspective. Not only will you visit hidden coves and beaches on board, but you can enjoy a delicious lunch as well.

When renting a yacht in Kemer, you have an extensive selection of vessels to choose from. Boats differ in size and equipment, ensuring you find the ideal match for your requirements.

Kemer’s luxury yacht rental is the ideal way to unwind and celebrate your special occasion, like a honeymoon or birthday. Couples looking for an extravagant weekend or day will find this ideal.


The Turkish Riviera is one of the world’s most captivating summer cruising destinations, offering luxury yacht charters to enhance traditional shoreside activities. With stunning sunsets, stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, there’s sure to be a trip that suits everyone’s group perfectly.

Discovering the Turquoise Coast by yacht is the ideal way to experience it at your own leisure. There are various vessels available, each offering their own distinct character; some ideal for couples seeking a quiet retreat while others can accommodate large extended families looking to celebrate special occasions in style.

Cirali is an idyllic little town situated along the Turkish Riviera, offering plenty to see and do without being overwhelmed by large resorts or bustling chain hotels. It’s the ideal destination for relaxation after a hectic tour of Istanbul or Cappadocia.

Navigating the town is a breeze, with plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops that exude that hippy aesthetic so popular throughout Turkey. Most establishments accept credit cards and most also feature wi-fi access.

Cirali is easily reached from Antalya International Airport by car or shuttle, making it a short trip. Pegasus and Turkish Airlines both offer low cost flights regularly to Cirali.

Once in Cirali, take some time out to relax and enjoy this stunning beach. It can be reached directly from the resort or through the town centre. This quiet cove rarely gets crowded, offering plenty of open-air restaurants in a peaceful atmosphere where you can soak up some sun.

When it’s time to explore, head south of Cirali to the rocky coastline where you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling or Scuba diving in crystal-clear waters. Mount Olympos offers an unforgettable natural spectacle with its ‘Burning Rocks’ – a rocky area on its slopes that erupts into flames when disturbed.

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