Crewed Gulet Charter in Tivat


Tivat has become one of the most important tourism destinations in Montenegro and in Europe. Especially for blue cruise tourism, most of people started to prefer Tivat to discover amazing historical and natural beauties around the city. Located in the center of Tivat, Boka Kotorska bay, you must visit the colorful towns and places to enjoy the serenity of the Mediterranean narrow roads, koylar, architecture and beauty and beaches. As Gulet Broker, we are offering great options for crewed yacht charter in Tivat with our experienced cabin crews and beautiful gulets.


Tivat is a modern but small town on the beach sands, taking a number of visitors and tourists to spend time in the leafless vegetation and to feel the refreshing light air. This is a colorful town that will attract you to visit again and enjoy the positive pleasant climate of the tourism industry. Tourists come across Tivat every year, the pleasure of thousands of nature around the world. As Gulet Broker Yachting, we offer the best crewed yacht charter services in Tivat with our professional and experienced cabin crew.

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