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Sailing Gulets in Greece

Private gulet charter in Greece is the perfect way to see many islands on a single sailing holiday. It also includes the Dodecanese, Ionian, Cyclades, and Sporades Islands groups. Also, there are many different options like starting from Athens and including mainland options.
Kos and Rhodes are two of the most popular starting points. Because they are close to Turkey. In this way, these islands give you the cultural mix of both countries. It is the perfect mix of Greek and Turkish charter routes. There are different cultures and landscapes that you can see during your cruise. Also, make sure you have enough information about gulets in Greece before considering other options.

The Cyclades are the most popular group of Islands to private charter. Mykonos and Santorini are the most photographed islands. Many travelers wish to visit these famous islands. As Gulet Broker Agency; we have different gulet charter options on these islands. In addition, with the early booking opportunity, you can benefit from both price and gulet types.
Corfu is becoming more popular as a gulet charter area. June and September are the perfect months to visit the Ionians, weather conditions are ideal and an ideal area to open the sails. All the Greek Islands have regular domestic flights from Athens, mostly twice a day and more in the summer months. Again it is also a great factor for our guests willing to charter in the Greek Islands. The larger Islands, of course, offer direct flights from many European countries.

What Gulet Broker Offer?

As Gulet Broker Agency, we offer private gulet holidays to Greece. Our options are available from standard gulets to VIP gulets. We also offer many different cabin options to suit our customers.

Greece has lots of historical and cultural options. From island to island has been a popular way to visit the Greek Islands for many years. Because most of the islands are very close to each other. Therefore, chartering a private gulet is the perfect way to visit a group of islands. Imagine sitting on the flybridge as you sail to the charming port of Symi, with its unique charm and pastel-colored buildings. Or anchor in Santorini to watch the famous Santorini sunset. All this and much more is possible by chartering a private yacht in Greece.

We have a large fleet for Greece gulet tours. In addition, the early booking option allows you to secure your gulet vacation early, both with a discount. Thus, it offers you more free choices in gulet, route, and payment plans. For more detailed information or other requirements, please contact us by clicking here. And one of our consultants at Gulet Broker will be happy to help you create your perfect private cruise and tailor anything to suit your needs.

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