How to Book a Gulet For Gulet Cruises

How to book a gulet: booking a boat for charter is a simple procedure. All you have to do is choose a boat and embark on port and contact our charter department. They will send you an offer, and when you will check all the details (boat, marina, dates) you will receive our General Charter Conditions, after all, which you make payments as agreed on the contract. Just so there are no mistakes, please read these few lines on how to book a gulet.



1. Choose a boat and starting port (sailing area). When choosing a starting marina to keep in mind traffic connection, type of charter (one-way or standard) as well as boat availability. On our web site, you will find information about all boats we have in our offer and a list of marinas in which they are available; for most of the boats we can organize transfer to some other base but it is charged extra. Also, due to time limitations, we are not always able to organize the transfer, but every situation is specific so you should contact our booking department for detailed information. You choose your boat according to your wishes, financial abilities and the number of passengers – don’t forget you need to save a berth for skipper and/or hostess if you want to hire them.

Also, don’t forget to mention if you want some additional equipment or service (sports equipment, outboard engine, spinnaker…). Browse through our offer of boats for charter and send us your inquiry about a specific boat. if you are uncertain about what boat you want, send us an e-mail with all important information (the type of boat, starting date, number of passengers, number of cabins, sailing area, whether you want skipper or additional equipment…) and our colleagues will contact you with several offers. You can also fill out a booking form which you can find here. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more about how to book a gulet for gulet cruises.



2. When our booking department receives your request, our colleagues will send you several offers for one or more available boats to your e-mail. You will receive boat info, several photographs, and an equipment list. if you should have any questions about the boats don’t hesitate to contact them. Once we have sent you the offer you have a few days to decide – we can “save” the boats for you only for a few days so it is important you don’t delay your decision, especially if the booking season is underway.

Keep in mind that it is better to contact us as early in the year as possible as you can, because the longer you wait you can lose an early booking discount and the most requested weeks for the season. the dates you When you finally decide which boat you want, make sure to have the confirm that in a legal way – a simple e-mail confirming the boat, charter date, starting marina and number of passengers is not enough.Check the reviews of the agency and have contact details that have booked gulet before, you can check easily the company like this way.



3. When we receive your booking confirmation we will send you an invoice and General Charter Condition (valid as a contract) – General Charter Conditions are also published on our web site and we strongly recommend you check them one by one. You are wanted to pay a part of the total to finish the deal. and the rest will be made before the departure date.

Once we receive the full amount we will send you a boarding voucher about two weeks before the charter date (don’t forget to bring the voucher with you on board). And that completes the booking process. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all additional information.

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