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The definition of a Gulet

gulet is a traditional Turkish motor sailer yacht, built of wood and constructed to old established methods, but also incorporating latest interior design and current International health and safety standards.

Consequently, these magnificent yachts not only look stunning, but they also provide very spacious accommodation for groups to enjoy a wonderful sea holiday. Although gulets generally cruise by motor, it is sometimes possible to open the sails if suitable conditions permit.

Technical Details & Advantages

Sizes vary from 15 metres to 50 metres in length, all with different cabin configurations offering from 3 to 14 en-suite cabins. All are equipped to a high standard and vary from standard to ultra-luxurious. The cabins have full-size beds and the bathrooms are equipped with showers and house type toilets. Air conditioning is also available as required. There is a spacious interior salon with satellite TV and other features.

The big advantage of a gulet is the very spacious deck area. The aft deck providing a table and chairs for outdoor dining. Plus, a very comfy cushioned area for relaxing, this area is also shaded from direct sun. The foredeck wiıll really amaze you with its size, providing room for comfortable sunbeds for all guests and generally there is also a front cocktail table and chairs.

The gulet is a really perfect option for a family or, friends groups of different sizes to experience a yacht charter sea vacation together.

What is a Gulet Cruise?

When you commence your cruise your gulet comes fully crewed, depending on the size and category of your gulet, there will be a minimum of 3 crew, Captain, Chef and sailor. On a high category gulet, this can increase to 6 or, more crew, to include an engineer and hostess/housekeeper. The crew will ensure fantastic service throughout your tour. Cruises are weekly and are a great option for a group of friends or, family and the yacht is exclusively yours for the duration of the charter.

On arrival and embarkation to your gulet, it will be cleaned and restocked ready for your voyage, with crisp clean bed linen and towels in the cabins. Almost all of the crew will speak and understand some English language, plus other languages. The crew will also ensure the fine running of the gulet, taking care of your safety and providing excellent local knowledge of places of interest to visit. The crew will also provide meal and drinks service to guests.

There is a range of full or, half board meal and drink packages available, which will be explained in more detail to you when you make your reservation. All meals prepared freshly on board, by the Chef and served by the crew, they will normally be served on the aft deck. The gulet will also carry a range of drinks which will be served as required by you and your guests.



The Gulet Cruise will take you to exclusive bays and coves of outstanding natural beauty and the most stunning scenery. The crew can also take you ashore to explore, using the service tender as desired. The gulet will also normally have a range of sea toys to enjoy, such as a canoe and windsurfer or, water skis. The quiet bays with their clear seas are also perfect for snorkelling and swimming. Even if you have never considered a sailing holiday before, you will be very surprised with the amount of space and comfort a gulet provides, more akin to 5-star hotel, that constantly changes location.

Gulet cruises are offered on a weekly basis in Turkey, Greece and Croatia, so providing you with fantastic route choices in the Mediterranean, Aegean or Adriatic seas. A gulet cruise provides a magical and memorable experience for all ages.

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