Rent a Gulet in Turkey

So, you’ve ended up here because you are looking to rent a gulet in Turkey… Well look no further and let us tell you just why that is a fabulous idea. Turkey is the most prominent Gulet Charter destination in the world. In fact, Turkey is where the magical Blue Cruise originates from. Also, home of Gulet building, these beautifully crafted motor sailing gulets are built here, to the highest international safety standards, and provide very spacious and comfortable accommodation for your perfect sailing holiday.

It is possible to rent a gulet from 14m length to 50m length. It also doesn’t matter how many people do you want to sail within this case because the cabin numbers of gullets begin from 3 and increase to 14. Of course, the prices of the gullets change according to these facilities and more but no worries we believe that it is easy to find a gulet can be fit your budget. The prices begin from 500 € and increase to 15000 € for a day. The gullets can be hired for seven days or 14 days if it’s possible. Whether you are an experienced sailor, or just wanting a relaxing sea adventure, we have just the gullet for you.

When you rent a gulet in Turkey the possibilities are endless. Popular with all ages and nationalities, Turkey really is the perfect holiday destination with so much to discover. There are so many yacht base ports and unique places to sail helping you to create wonderful itineraries. Turkey is one of the most popular areas for yacht rental worldwide. Bodrum is a popular destination for a gulet charter in Turkey but Marmaris, Göcek and Bozburun are also popular base ports. The gullets can sail all around these cities. The best advantage of Turkish coastlines is sailing to the Greek Islands is also possible if you are willing to.

Turkey is a fantastic country to visit and offers great sailing routes, in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. With the most wonderful mix of perfect weather conditions, dramatic scenery, colorful history and culture, and of course the friendly locals who will make you feel as if you have discovered a new home.

There are three types of gullets. Standard gullets; don’t have air conditioning and a couple of water toys, Luxury gullets; have air conditioning and a range of water toys, Deluxe gullets; also have air conditioning and a range of water toys but you will have more opportunity and comfort. Enjoy the fantastic and healthy Turkish cuisine, most ingredients are locally sourced and this can be tasted with every mouthful you enjoy. The rich and interesting history and culture of Turkey coupled with a vast range of gulet options available to you is what makes gullet charter Turkey very popular. In addition to chef, 2 service men make you pleased with their friendliness and hospitality. And of course, the captain of the yacht does the best to show you amazing sceneries. If you rent a deluxe gullet, there will be a hostess to serve you on board.

You are ensured great hospitality a warm welcome and a wonderful experience when you select Turkey for your dream gullet charter. So, get in touch with us to not feel regretful later! yacht charter.

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