Gulet For Sale in Turkey

  We will inform you about Gulet for Sale in Turkey in this blog. Turkish gulets carry on business all over the world in the tourism sector. Many gulets are produced in Turkey. 

Gulets for sale

Gulets for Sale Features

  Gulets sizes vary from 12 meters to 60 meters in length, all with different cabin configurations offering from 2 to 16 en-suite cabins. In this case, it is possible to accommodate up to 32 people in a gulet.

 All gulets are equipped with high standards, spacious and comfortable, and range from standard to ultra-luxury. It is also possible to say that a gulet cabin with air conditioning, refrigerator, en-suite bathroom, and television can be more comfortable than a hotel room.

 These high-standard gulets are produced in Bodrum, Fethiye, Bozburun and provide services to the blue cruise sector.

Gulets for sale in Turkey

  These gulets rent with the crew members to guests. The crew gathers with professional people, including cooking chefs, shipmasters, sailors, and service personnel. The guests who experienced this wonderful cruise in Turkey advised their blue cruise adventure to their friends and family. As a result, sailing holidays in Turkey have become very popular lately. As a consequence, Turkish people improved themselves in gulet manufactory and blue cruise business.

  Today, there are over 2000 comfortable luxury gulets in Turkey. European countries such as; Italy, Croatia, Mexico, Montenegro, and Spain are expelling lots of gulets from Turkey. Gulet prices vary according to the year of construction and length.

Gulet Sale Rates

  The sale price of a 24-meter middle-class gulet is between 250,000 euros and 350,000 euros, depending on the comfort, for a 5 to 15-year-old gulet. Before buying a gulet, you should find a broker who understands a gulets for sale, and you should have this broker agency do a gulet appraisal for sale. The most important advice we can give you as a brokerage agent and we would like to add that we are always here to assist you. You can check gulet types from here.

Gulet for sale

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