2024 Gulet Charter Prices

Charter Holiday Prices

   Due to the increasing pandemic, people began to seek more private and isolated holidays. For this reason, gulet charter holidays have become one of the most preferred holiday alternatives for most people. If you want to rent a boat and sail to the beauty of the blue waters with your family or friends, you are at the right place. Your 15% early reservation chance continues with the Gulet Broker. Click here to contact us.


 Firstly, let’s take a look at what is a gulet charter. Then, we will inform you about the prices.


Gulet charter prices

  With your private gulet prepared for you, you will spend the most entertaining holiday in your life. Cabins will be cozy as your own home; combined with luxury and comfort. You will taste finger-lickin’ good foods prepared by a quality crew. And you will have all these serves isolated from the crowd and privately.

  If you want to spend some time on land, you can take a break at the marinas. When you step into the marinas, you can meet your needs and do many different activities. For example, if you miss sunbathing on the golden sands, eating at a restaurant, or trekking, all you need to do is; tell your captain to take you to the nearest marina. If you are wondering; how to spend a day during your gulet vacation, you can read our‘One Day on a Gulet’ post.

Gulet charter Prices

  Also before you charter a gulet, you should know about the features of the boat. If you want to know about the gulet types and features you can read; ‘What should you know before you charter a gulet’ post.

  If you want to know how this wonderful holiday will affect your budget, we will inform you about the approximate prices.


   In this article, we divided gulets into three main categories; because as the quality changes, the prices will also change. These categories are; economic – standard gulets, luxury gulets, and deluxe – high deluxe gulets. 

NOTE:  Prices can change according to the season of the year. 

NOTE: With an early reservation, you can take advantage of the discounts between % 10 and %20.

These prices are including renting the entire gulet. These prices are for a week. Not for per person.

Economic - Standart Gulets
Approximate Prices

2.000 € – 10.000 €

Luxury Gulets
Approximate Prices

10.000 € – 50.000 €

Deluxe - High Deluxe Gulets
Approximate Prices

50.000 € – 125.000 €

Gulet charter Prices

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