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We can say, Bodrum is the tourism capital of Turkey. So, millions of people visit the amazing coasts and beaches of Bodrum each year from different countries of the world. Around Bodrum, there are a lot of hidden paradises, historical places and natural beauties. So, the concept of blue cruise developed so much in this region. Bodrum is the meeting point of Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, so you can see lots of natural beauties in this city. As Gulet Broker Yachting, we offer the best services for crewed yacht charter in Bodrum with our professional and experienced crew in our luxury yachts and gulets.


Bodrum is not only Turkey’s famous holiday town, the city has a worldwide reputation. It is especially visited by British and Dutch tourists. Mausoleum Halikarnassos, one of the seven wonders of the world, is located in Bodrum. Heredot, the father of history, Artemis, the first woman admiral of the world were born in Bodrum. Tavşan Island, Bitez Bay, Bodrum Castle and Museum, Torba, Adabükü and Gümüşlük are the other popular destinations of Bodrum.

Gulet Charter in Bodrum

Bodrum is a town located on the southwestern coast of Turkey, Bodrum is a mecca for many of the rich and famous here in Turkey as it offers vibrant nightlife and a rich history and culture, a perfect mix. A  crewed gulet yacht charter in Bodrum could be just what you are searching for if you are seeking a wonderful sailing experience combined with culture,history and perfect hospitality.A  crewed yacht charter in Bodrum is simply not  just a journey discovering and enjoying  the azure waters of the Aegean but an adventure of comfort,luxury whilst soaking in the rich and wonderful Turkish Riviera

The enchantment of a crewed gulet yacht charter in Bodrum

Bodrum is famously known for many things including the castle of St Peter  which is an iconic  landmark which overlooks the charming harbour,  the  town itself is as wonderful sight to see whitewashed buildings  that offer a quaint charm.This really is the perfect setting to embark on your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum. Bodrum is by the locals frequently referred to as the  Saint-Tropez of Turkey, renowned for its beautiful and breathtaking  landscapes, historical sites and  not forgetting the vibrant nightlife.  With all this said, it must still be the clear crystal azure waters which are the star of the show. This makes a perfect blend and a  prime destination for sailing enthusiast who are seeking a crewed yacht charter in Bodrum.

A definition of a Crewed Gulet Yacht Charter in Bodrum

A crewed yacht charter in Bodrum is a vastly different experience to a bareboat charter unlike  a bareboat charter a crewed yacht charter in Bodrum provides you with a full professional crew who will attend to your every need this elevates the whole experience to a different level. Normally the crews will consist of  your  captain, chef, and deckhands, deluxe crewed yacht charters in Bodrum the crew will also consist of a housekeeper and hostess, the crew will ensure that all our guest can fully relax and savour all of the wonders of the Turkish coast. All aspects of your charter will be taken care of by our professional crew onboard your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum, allowing you to enjoy every moment whilst sitting back,relaxing and lapping up the luxury.

Luxurious crewed yacht charter in Bodrum options

Bodrum is also famous  for a vast fleet of high range yachts and gulets that will cater to any preference or group dynamic. A crewed yacht charter in Bodrum will give you the opportunity to choose from any stanard of vessel,we can offer the latest motor yachts or the traditional wooden gulets. A crewed yacht charter in Bodrum gives all of these factors to you,spacious modern cabins with en-suite bathrooms,full air conditioning,are a small selction of the features that  will help to define amazing experience ofa crewed yacht charter in Bodrum.Our higher end gulets are also equipped with jacuzzis, a range of water toys, and  the highest qualityentertainment systems offering you ultimate indulgence onboard your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum.

Crewed yacht charter in Bodrum Itineraries

The ability to create and customize your itineray must be one of the top standout features of a crewed yacht charter in Bodrum.Whatever you may be searching ,be it a relaxing exporation of secluded bays or visiting  historical sites with a blend of culture our guests onboard a crewed yacht charter in Bodrum have the flexibility to discuss with the Captain and shape their own journey, to tailor meet every individual’s needs . The most popular routes that are offered to you during your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum will include the famous Gulf of Gökova and the breathtaking Datça Peninsula,each of these routes offer you a perfect mix blend of stunning natural beauty and cultural adventures onboard your gulet yacht charter in Turkey.

Culinary Delights to savour on a crewed yacht charter in Bodrum

Your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum will not be complete with out highlighting the  culinary delights that await you, your chef who will be onboard with you the whole time during your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum will each day provide you with the most delectable delicacies, all meals are prepared onboard using all fresh,local produce of the highest standard, the food during  a crewed yacht in Bodrum is an experience all on its own. An extra layer of magic is being able to sit out on deck in tranquil surroundings enjoying the wonderful tastes of Turkish cuisine at its finest ,all while watching the stars light up the night sky and hearing and digesting the gentle sounds of the water, a magical blend to savour during your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum.

 Service provided onboard your  crewed yacht charter in Bodrum

One of the main advantages and attraction of a crewed yacht charter in Bodrum is the crew and the professional and attentive service they will provide. Your captain will be equipped with intimate knowledge of the area, this ensures that during your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum not only will you enjoy a safe and pleasant voyage you will also be able to discover hidden places along the way.Each meal will be discussed with you prior to being served and crafted to suit every individual’s tastes and preferences with your chef, your culinary desires will be met and  will certainly go above your expectations. The crew members will also attend daily to maintenance and cleaning, this will ensure that every valuable moment of your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum can be devoted to your full enjoyment and ultimate relaxation.

Uncovering  History during your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum

 A crewed yacht charter in Bodrum is also the gateway to discovering and exploring historical sites and a rich tapestry of culture. The crew who have much fantastic local knowledge and  are full of interesting facts will ensure that you can also digest and revel in History aboard your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum. Vists can be arranged to places such as Halicarnassus and the amphitheater of Knidos,The rich history of Turkey will add another dimension to your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum.

Summary of your crewed yacht charter in Bodrum

A crewed yacht charter in Bodrum is a voyage with many facets and much to offer; every moment onboard will be designed to meet your individual deisres and meet and exceed your expectations. A crewed yacht charter in  Bodrum will captivate you with stunning landscapes , clear azure waters, breathtaking moments and a rich historical element.These factors combined with your attentive and professional crew are really what makes a gulet charter in Bodrum an unrivalled experience.

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