Gulet Cruises in Marmaris

Marmaris is the perfect destination to start and finnish a Gulet Cruise Marmaris Turkey. As well as being a lively resort, the city is surrounded by the most spectacular natural scenery, as you drop down the mountain entering Marmaris you cannot fail to captivated by the panorama as it opens out in front of you. The resort is nestled in a large natural harbour, enclosed by steep pine clad mountains (famous for honey production) and beautiful clear blue sea. Home to several large yacht marina’s and yachting services.

The historic old town with its castle sits above the main municipality marina. Stroll along the main marina and see all the gulets and luxury yachts moored. Enjoy a drink or meal in one ofthe many restaurants and bars that line the marina. The resort also hosts many large cruise ships throughout the year, amazing to see close up. The large covered bazar is the 3rd largest in Turkey, offering amongst other things clothes, gold, carpets and souvenirs, a shoppers paradise!


Gulet Cruise in Marmaris

 A gulet cruise in Marmaris offers to you the chance to experience an extremely memorable and unique experience. Marmaris is the perfect starting point for a gulet cruise with a heady combination of crystal blue azure waters, breathtakingly natural beauty and cultural heritage combined with historical sites. Here we will provide you with all information required and fully explain all the factors and highlight the benefits of a gulet cruise in Marmaris, let us work together and start to plan your dream gulet cruise.

What is a Gulet Cruise in Marmaris?

Let us begin with explaining exactly what it is that a gulet cruise entails and what a gulet actually is, the origins of which are based in Turkey, a gulet is traditional sailing vessel that was initially used by local sponge divers and fishermen, over the years gulets have developed into what we see today luxury crafts with spacious cabins and every modern amenity, gulets are now widely available from luxury to ultra-deluxe standards with cabins ranging from 2 to 20 so literally something for every group dynamic is available on a gulet cruise in Marmaris. A gulet cruise is most normally for 7 nights although this can be reduced or extended to fit with your personal requirements, a gulet yacht charter in Turkey is the perfect way to enjoy the famous blue cruise and sail along the beautiful Turkish coastline whilst mooring at various bays and villages.

A Gulet cruise in Marmaris and the beauty.

Marmaris is located in the south-western province of Mugla and is locally known as the pearl of the world, Marmaris is an extremely picturesque town nestled beautifully in a pine clad bay, one of the advantages of starting your gulet cruise in Marmaris is the actual town itself, the marina boasts an array of wonderful restaurants and also a very vibrant nightlife scene in the famous bar street, party like a rock star.  Marmaris is also well known for the natural beauty that surrounds the area, crystal clear turquoise waters, lush pine clad hills, and quaint villages which on the whole are still very traditionally Turkish.

Gulet Cruise in Marmaris Itinerary

Whilst planning a gulet cruise in Marmaris we can fully assist you with creating the perfect itinerary to suit your personal requirements, it is important though to take note that should your Captain need to adjust the itinerary during your gulet cruise due to adverse weather conditions the Captain’s word on board is final. The most popular gulet cruise in Marmaris for those of you seeking relaxation and a slice of traditional Turkish life is to sail to the Hisaronu gulf, visiting Bozburun where most of the gulets are made, Selimiye, Turgut, Bencik and the possibility to also visit the Datca peninsula and explore the ancient city of Knidos. A gulet cruise in Marmaris certainly has something to suit everyone of all ages, we can also tailor make an itinerary during the booking process please contact us for more detailed information.

Your gulet cruise in Marmaris onboard Experience

A gulet cruise offers you the chance to experience many different things whether you prefer to simply spend the week relaxing on the sun deck with a good book, enjoy early morning swims, take in the stunning natural beauty of the area, enjoy perfect sunrises and sunsets or spend your time partaking in water sports, hiking or exploring Turkeys many historical sites a gulet cruise will provide you with the chance to do all of these and more, todays modern day gulets are extremely well equipped with modern and spacious cabins, outside dining areas, sun cushions with the choice of sun or shade , the choice is yours whether you prefer to spend your days soaking up the sun or relaxing on the deck in the shaded area.

Turkish cuisine on your gulet cruise in Marmaris

A visit to Turkey could not be completed without savoring the amazing local cuisine, your gullet cruise in Marmaris incudes your personal chef who will prepare the most delicious dishes using all locally sourced produce. Traditional Turkish dishes and fresh seafood and mouthwatering delicacies are another perfect aspect of a gulet cruise in Marmaris, just imagine relaxing in a secluded bay and your dinner being served to you watching an amazing sunset by breathtaking natural beauty. A gulet cruise in Marmaris offers you this and much more!!


If you are looking for an unforgettable and memorable experience, then a gulet cruise in Marmaris is certainly for you. A perfect blend of stunning natural beauty and Turkish culture and of course Turkish famous hospitality, a gulet cruise in Marmaris offers something for everyone. So let’s pack our bags, get ready and embark on the ultimate holiday experience, a gulet cruise in Marmaris.

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