Gulet Cruises in Turkey’s Coastline

If you ever form a list of adventurous activities you will do in your life, then you should include gulet cruises in Turkey’s coastline on that list. Turkey is one of the most famous tourist destinations. If many people love that country, then there must be something about it. It has many beautiful places, historical sites, and breathtaking bays. If you ever visit it, then you will have an enjoyable vacation. One of the famous activities in Turkey is the blue cruise. gulet cruise aka blue voyage is the sailing in the Turkish Riviera. You can visit the coasts or bays in Turkish Riviera.

When people go on a yachting holiday in Turkey, they normally opt for a gulet cruise. It allows them to be a part of traditional customs and enjoy nature’s beauty at the same time. After all, they get to sail in a gulet or yacht on the Mediterranean and Aegean coast. There are many companies that are ready to book a cabin in a gulet, charter a gulet or charter a yacht for you. You can spend your vacation sailing in the boat in the blue sea and exploring many places around Turkey.

The modern gulets that are used these days are equipped with all the luxuries that are required by people to have a comfortable and enjoyable vacation. In ancient gulets, there weren’t any comfortable bedding, electricity and other facilities. But, in modern gulets, the cabins are equipped with all the comfortable facilities, electricity, water tank, waste tank, fuel tank, etc. Its main aim is to provide everything people might need during their vacation.

The main aim of the gulet cruise is to show people the unspoiled beauty of the areas in the coast of Turkey. The experience of seeing blue water meeting the green land is something that cannot be described in words. There is absolutely no doubt that this journey will be one of the most memorable journeys of your life. It is not only about seeing nature’s beauty; it’s also about getting to know one of the important histories of the world. Throughout the journey, you will get to know more about Hellenic, Roman, Carian, Ionian, Lydian and Lycian civilizations. You are getting the golden chance of understanding and discovering one of the world’s oldest and famous civilizations.

You can allow the company to make your itineraries or you can decide on your own itineraries. If you are making your own itineraries, then there are few places that you must not miss at all. You cannot include each and every place because there can’t be enough time to visit all the places in Turkey. However, you should try to include these places if you can.


Things to do with Gulet Cruises in Turkey’s Coastline

» You should try to visit the famous 12 islands. These islands are also known as hidden pleasure. Just like its nickname, it is a hidden treasure of beauty, history and nature. All of these islands are different from one another, yet they are bound by an invisible thread.

» Another place you should visit is the Butterfly valley. Just as the name suggests, there is a large swarm of beautiful butterflies near the waterfall. You can also see the whole view of the canyon, which is very beautiful.

» You should also consider visiting Daylan, which is famous for the breeding of loggerhead sea turtle. These turtles are one of the endangered species. There is a beach known as Turtles’ beach as well. The people of this place must love turtles a lot.

» If you are about to go on a blue cruise, then you have got to visit the place where the initiator of blue cruise was exiled, which is the Bodrum. Here you can visit the ruins of Byzantine civilization, Bodrum Mausoleum, Bodrum Castle etc.

» These are just some few places that you should consider to visit. There are still number of places that are waiting to be explored and discovered. Each of these places holds the key to beautiful nature, interesting history, dazzling bays and relaxing beaches. Thus during the blue cruise, you will get to hold the key to all these pleasurable and enjoyable exploration and discoveries.

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