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The Adriatic coast is the number one destination for a Gulet holiday. First of all, if you want, you can sail by yourself. Secondly, you can charter a private gulet or cabin with a captain and crew. Thirdly, you can rent a motor yacht or catamaran and enjoy your holiday. Whatever you choose, an Adriatic yacht holiday will be a wonderful experience with so many places to visit. You will also taste great Croatian food and wine. You can also participate in historical and cultural tours and enjoy the magnificent bays. There is something for everyone on a sailing holiday in Croatia.

Adriatic Coasts


We can arrange an unforgettable Adriatic Gulet holiday in every aspect for you. Gulet Broker will help you find the right gulet and routes for the best places to sail. Gulet Broker Agency will be with you every step of the way for private transfers and anything else you may need. We are here to make sure your sailing holiday in Croatia is perfect. Our team have the deep knowledge of all the gulets. We are proud of our excellent service to our customers and that they prefer us for private gulet charter and cabin charter every year. If you are looking for a cabin charter or motor yacht charter in Croatia, we are confident that we can find exactly what you are looking for.

Places You Will Visit

There are many Dalmatian flavors to discover on your gulet charter vacation.

  • Dubrovnik, known as the pearl of the Adriatic,
  • The party Island of Hvar,
  • Vis, famous for its great Croatian food and wine,
  • Split with its relaxing Riva walking path and Diocletian’s palace,
  • The small Croatian town of Vodice,
  • Full of medieval wonders with a wonderful cosmopolitan atmosphere and of course the magnificent Croatian national parks Mijlta and Krika are are just some of our recommendations.

Please contact us; via e-mail or directly by phone. Our professional team will explain to you the steps you need to take. And you will make your dream of an Adriatic gulet vacation come true. Our team will be with you all the way, finding the perfect option for your Adriatic sailing experience. We look forward to helping you and arranging the ideal and wonderful Adriatic yacht charter with your family and friends.

Let us explore the wonder of an Adriatic Gulet Holiday.

If what you are looking for is an unforgettable, amazing and unique holiday experience, then an Adriatic gulet holiday could be just what you are looking for. The wonderful Adriatic coastline with its many Islands offers the perfect blend of cultural heritage, stunning coastlines, delicious food and beautifully clear blue waters, a perfect destination tailor made to enjoy a gulet holiday. Gulets are traditional wooden sailing vessels that have been used for many years, a gulet holiday in the Adriatic allows to enjoy the traditional charm also with comfort and luxuries and are an authentic way to discover all the stunning coastline and the many islands of the Adriatic has to offer.

The Attraction of a gulet holiday in the Adriatic.

One of the biggest allures of an Adriatic gulet holidays must surely be the chance to visit so many famous places during one visit, I am sure you will recognise the names such as Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar and even Montenegro are so accessible and easily reached during an Adriatic gulet holiday. A gulet holiday in the Adriatic also gives you the chance to discover and enjoy hidden coves and secluded beaches that are only accessible by sea. These factors plus the absolute sheer beauty of the Adriatic along with the certain relaxation and the chance of adventure are just a small example of the many many reasons why an Adriatic gulet holiday has so much to entice and attract you.

Adriatic Gulets explained.

Gulets are a traditional sailing type of vessel, very well known throughout the yachting industry, these days they are of course very well equipped and also have spacious en -suite cabins with air conditioning, these factors provide you with a cosy and comfortable accommodation option which is combined with traditional charm, what a winning combination. All of your needs on-board will be fully taken care of by our wonderful professional crew. From the captain with his great local knowledge of hidden areas during your gulet holiday to your personal chef who will daily prepare for you mouth-watering seafood dishes and traditional Dalmatian cuisine while enjoying your Adriatic gulet holiday.

Adriatic Gulet Holiday Activities

An Adriatic gulet holiday offers you an abundance of activities to suit every persons needs. From exploring the underwater world snorkelling, to the adventurous enjoying water sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking or jet skiing or enjoying the cultural experience whilst visiting famous historic towns such as Dubrovnik or Split, discovering charming old towns, and indulging in the local delectable cuisine an Adriatic gulet offers all of this and much more. We are able to arrange many activities to suit all of your requirements whether it be visiting local vineyards and sampling the local wines or an arranged city tour please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your special requirements during your Adriatic gulet holiday.

Remote Islands and Undiscovered Jewels.

During your Adriatic gulet holiday one of the highlight’s must surely be the chance to discover and visit remote islands and hidden beaches and secluded coves as you sail along the coast. Well away from the everyday hustle and bustle of normal life you will find a sense of serenity and tranquillity which is unmatched. As you revel in the natural raw beauty of the islands of Vis, Hvar, or Korcula, where you will find wonderful beaches, vineyards, and quaint villages.

Summary of your Adriatic Gulet Holiday

Adriatic gulet holidays provides you with an unrivalled experience, which combines the natural breath-taking beauty of the wonderful Adriatic coastline with the comfort, charm and luxury of a gulet cruises. Whether you’re hoping to find adventure, culture or simply seeking complete relaxation, your Adriatic gulet holiday has it all. So let’s go and explore the old city walls of Dubrovnik wander through the wonderful streets of Split enjoy the party island of Hvar while also discovering natural beauty, crystal clear waters, breath taking coastlines and amazing cuisine. Your Adriatic gulet holiday ticks every box so whether you may be seeking relaxation or adventure please contact us today and lets together uncover an unforgettable experience as an Adriatic gulet holiday is certain to provide you with a uniquely wonderful adventure and will provide memories that will last a lifetime.

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